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Becoming a trusted contractor with Thomas Heyward LLC.

Start by filling out the form on this page. We send out bid requests to our trusted contractors exclusively. We rely on relationships of trust, and we love rewarding those relationships with a continual flow of projects. We do our part to make your job fast and easy with a detailed scope of work. Keeping contractors we trust happy is one of our top priorities, you’ve got a tough but enjoyable job, and our goal is to help you make it a little less tough and a little more enjoyable.

1. Submit Your Info.

Enter your info in the web form below.

2. We'll Call You

You’ll be contacted to learn more about your business.

3. Send in Your Bid

We’ll send you a detailed scope of work.

4. Start Work

We pay invoices twice per month.

Become a trusted contractor request form

What it’s like working with Thomas Heyward LLC.

It’s pretty simple, we expect a lot and we expect to give a lot. Communication is critically important to us. We will choose to work with a contractor with half the skills of another if they can simply respond to phone calls and keep us informed of progress. I get it, it’s not easy to answer calls when you just mixed up a batch of mortar, and we have no intention of being unreasonable, but communication can mean the difference between a deal working or failing. Delivering bad news isn’t fun, but not delivering critical news is a deal breaker.

We expect a fair day of work for a fair days pay. Undercutting people or going with a contractor because they’re the lowest bidder is not how we do business. We believe in honesty, and lying to us is the easiest way to loose out on future projects.

Thank you!