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Our Story

Thomas Heyward is a real estate purchasing and renovation company headquartered in the Salt Lake City area. We do a majority of our purchasing in the mid west and south, with some purchases in the Salt Lake area. 

We help sellers liquidate their property through a very quick process without the need for any marketing or mortgage funding period. Our process is ideal for those with distressed properties in need of work, even significant work, who would otherwise have a very difficult and lengthy time selling their property. We also work great with sellers who simply want out of their home far quicker than the traditional MLS/mortgage lender system offers. Anyone in real estate will tell you an all cash buyer always makes things much easier on everyone.

We pride ourselves on the beautification of neighborhoods and helping boost the home values for the neighbors of homes we renovate. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Thomas Heyward is to walk away from every single transaction with a feeling that both parties are now better off.

The Thomas Heyward origin

         Thomas Heyward Jr. was a revolutionary and one of the original signers of the declaration of Independence. He was hunted and eventually imprisoned by the Brittish as a traitor to the crown for his signature on the document. For most of us today, open defiance to our country, knowing the entire army would hunt us down, would be unthinkable but he did just that; due to his deep belief in freedom. Something we all have to thank him and the millions after who would defend our flag.

      Thomas and his belief in freedom is a perfect representation of what we represent as a company. We believe all have a right to become financially free if they so choose and we want to be the small, mostly forgotten name, that helps others realize their financial freedom, one step at a time.